Barns make for a roomy horse stable shed
Strong portal frame creates spacious riding arenas

Arenas & Stables

All of our equine buildings are flexible in design and can be modified to suit your requirements and your property where the structure will be erected.

Horse Stables

Horse stable designs are really flexible, and we can modify them to suit your individual needs. Many of our clients first start with the type of shed they want to adapt into a stable. This is often a barn or open front shed that features some enclosed lock-up bays for storing equipment and feed.

Stables can be modified in terms of width, span and height. We can even design a stable with uneven bay sizes should you require. There are also plenty of optional extras available that can enhance the comfort of your horses including insulation, ventilation, shutters and split stable doors.

Equestrian Arenas

Our cold form steel portal frame provides lots of flexibility in design, permitting small structures through to large covered arenas. Clear spans are possible up to 30 metres, and you can opt to either leave all four walls open or enclose one or multiple sides.  

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